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The staff at Sector I is dedicated to meeting and exceeding its customers expectations. We pride ourselves in supplying our customers with great service and competitive prices. The clients below are only a few of our most successful sites that we have developed. Each case study below will explain the needs of each company, and the services that we were able to provide for them.

Pueblo Galleria
Pueblo Galleria first came to us for an e-commerce site that would attract new cus
tomers otherwise not attainable through their retail locations.Visit their site SECTORi worked very closely with Pueblo Galleria to fully understand what they wanted us to implement into their site. Our hard work really paid off. Here is what owner Joaquin Contreras had to say...

I am so glad SECTORi established this site so quickly and effectively, my business has generated more business than ever expected. Thanks Sector I, keep up the good work." -- Joaquin Contreras



Visit their siteSylantro
Sylantro is one of our bi
ggest clients. They are a company that came to us for designing their communication applications layouts.  We moved their current web application from IBM Websphere to Lutris Enhydra.  We engineered some of this web application using Java Servlets and JSP pages.  We have also developed wireless sites that can be retrieved through internet ready cell phones. This is a new technology that hit the market and SECTORi has been able to offer.


Visit their siteAdobe Drywall Inc
This was one of our first clients. Adobe Drywall is a local company that serves the Phoenix Metropolitan area. When they first came to Sector I they were in need of database implementation and network setups. We found that a web presence would also benefit their company for local marketing purposes. Previously they did not spend on marketing their products and services, and they found that SECTORi had inexpensive web packages. All of their services and current projects are posted on their site so prospective customers can view their work. This is what Bill Grant had to say...


"Thank you SECTORi, your services have relieved many problems from our business systems. We applaud your works, and we look forward to your continued service." -- Bill Grant

Client Summary
All of our clients are very valuable to us and we try hard to maintain good relations with them. We truly believe that keeping good relations along with good communication is the key to our success. As seen in the case studies, we are very versatile in providing specific services for many companies. If you are in need of service, please contact us.

Please check back soon for more Case Studies as they are being developed.


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